Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Journey towards Paradise
This was on our way to panchgani.Its a place in Maharashtra, India. Many a hit Hindi movie has been shot here.The one that i remember is "RAJA HINDUSTANI". Local people say that the Pandavas crossed this place on their way to exile.There are footprints to prove that.
Panchgani, it is actualy a set of five tablelands -A complete flat piece of land at an altitude, the second largest in the asia.
The place is so serene and close to heaven, i call it Paradise..


3POINT8 said...

Wow.... That place looks pretty cool. Where is that??

3POINT8 said...

The description of the place sounds really cool! When I'm rich, I'll go visit that place.
Thanks for the description ya!

Chandra Sekhar said...

Hey!!!! need a title, the comments are against Untitled.
It seems "The Journey towards Paradise" I am going to reach there very soon