Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Another Love Story -Chapter 1

"Get me an ice cream; Raj.It should have a scoop of vanilla, one butterscotch and chocolate. Also some chocolate sauce .Make sure that it is only over the chocolate scoop part. Make sure the vanilla part is clear." Payel had given her order.
Raj stumbled up to get the order, "Anything for you!!"
"And put a cherry on the vanilla part" her voice trailed him as he went towards the counter.
Raj looked back, perhaps a bit annoyed.
Payel made a cute fish like face and obviously Raj was all smiles again. "Anything for you”, he repeated and turned on to the counter.

"Payel, you completely use him", I said.
"Huh!” That was all Payel replied.
"Have you yet accepted his proposal?” I asked.
"No! Not so easily." She exclaimed.
"Will you ever?" pissed off, I asked.
"Let's see", was her answer. You could never expect a straight answer from that girl. I was so annoyed
"Why are you playing around with him", I asked agitated to no ends.
Payel gave me a "Go to Hell" look. I was about to say something when Raj came back with a lofty ice cream with God knows how many scoops and how many sauces.
We had to close our conversation half way.
Raj placed the ice cream in Payel’s hand and said, “Here for you, happy?”
I looked the other way, didn’t want to see her mocking expression.
I was pretty sure Payel was not the least serious about Raj. She was just having a good time. On the other hand, Raj was completely mad about her. Arrrrgg, I hated that.

Raj, a tall, handsome fellow. We all had had a crush on him at one time or other. He
was our hero, i.e. until he fell for Payel.

Payel, an arrogant snob. That’s how we all know her. She is rude and rough in her dealings. Never really cared who was at the receiving end of her words. Appearance wise a bit on the darker side and lanky as well with the street side fashion quotient. Not the least bit beautiful but though I would like to say otherwise, she was attractive.
Our dislike for her had increased ever since Raj had been blinded by her attraction.

Now about me and Raj, we are buddies now. Cannot deny having had a crush on him earlier, but now we are best buddies. Yet I could never convince him of Payel’s lack of interest in him. It was always like, “You have misunderstood her”. He always wanted me to get closer to Payel, and I wanted her to go off as far as possible from him.
I hated to see Raj, running errands for that despicable girl.

To be continued in the next post... Just another Love Story Chapter 2


3POINT8 said...

Kudos! Another good one. I love the way you compose the story. It sounds very interactive between characters.
Maybe I can learn how to write like you if I have the chance to read more of your writing.
Keep it up!

Vee... said...

is it in someway related to u or ur frens? guess not, as the blog title says 'fantasy' and the post title says 'story'.. nice one with the interaction between you and Payel very real...

123 said...

ABC Bloglearner says..
Wow! What a very interesting piece. You have a real talent!

Keep up the good work n i hope we can xlinkk so we check each others page often. I do love your story!
ABC Bloglearner

Sourav said...

Simply awesome.....
This is a really sweet love story.
Hey..why don't u write a book compiling these short stories. It will be a best seller ....take my word for it.

allslots said...

i am not writing about my night shift experience